What is the Association Between Crude Oil Prices and Petrol Prices in Malaysia?

When it really is Malaysia, Indonesia or some other country across the world, you’ll need gas to fuel your vehicle, bike, truck, or even any other motor vehicle. We all desire gasoline to fuel our cars and bicycles and the rising gasoline prices in Malaysia are fearing the consumers. Many experts feel that increasing crude oil prices are causing the hike in gas cost Malaysia.


Why the rising crude oil prices are accountable for price hike?


It had increased the petroleum prices as a result of increased requirements of petroleum across the world. Now new oil resources are found and the demands in nations such as the USA, China, Russia, have diminished since the united states claims to locate the most significant oil reserve on its own beaches. China is diminishing oil export due to inferior industrial increase also Russia has a unique oil reserves. The petroleum prices had begun to fall. The recent fuel price Malaysia was quite low throughout the decrease of petroleum prices.


Malaysian government decides gasoline and petrol price Malaysia by assessing the crude oil prices of the preceding month. Therefore, that the latest petrol price Malaysia is directly attached into the crude petroleum prices over the previous month. It’s the relationship between the crude oil prices and retail gas prices