Should Your MLM Program Use MLM Software?

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to automation; it really is. Every time you’ve seen your friends buy a new gadget, whether it’s a smart phone or a new tablet, it’s very easy for you to get envious. It’s very easy for you to convince yourself to “need” what they need. This is part of human nature. Envy goes a long way in driving the modern economy. If people stuck to their basic needs, the economy would be a tiny fraction of its current size, because let’s face it, our needs are quite basic. We really don’t need all that much to survive.


With that said, it’s easy to think that just because other multi-level marketing programs run MLM software, then automatically, your particular program should run on some type of software. You might be thinking that you’ll be left behind. You might be thinking that they’re enjoying some sort of advantage you’re not enjoying. And you might be thinking that the overall reputation of your program might depend upon the perception that your program is up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology.


These are valid concerns, but when it comes to real core considerations, you need to pay attention to the following discussion. If the following applies to your program, you might need a mlm system. Make no mistake about it, MLM programs are not created equal. Some MLM programs are small, concise, and completely offline. In most cases, those types of operations are stable enough and predictable enough not to need MLM software.


Now, don’t get me wrong, if they use MLM software, they might be able to run things more efficiently, but that’s purely optional. It’s a nice luxury to have, but it’s far from a necessity. However, if any of the situations below apply to your particular program, you really might not have much of a choice. You might need MLM software.



You run an online program


Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re some sort of math genius, you are probably able to run your multi-level marketing program regardless of how many tiers it has purely manually. Why? You’re a genius, you’re Albert Einstein; you’re able to crunch numbers quickly in your head and no details escape you.


However, if you’re a normal mortal human being like the rest of us, playing around with those numbers can be a one-way ticket to disaster. You only need to screw up once for word to get around that your multi-level marketing program is not trustworthy. Believe me, that is the kiss of death. You don’t want that to happen. You don’t want your business to meet with unnecessary self-inflicted drama. So do yourself a favor, if your program is based online and has lots of complicated sub-programs and confusing promotional campaigns, you need to invest in MLM software.



Personnel cost rising due to program participant tracking and accounting


Even if your program is big enough to have a small army of accountants and office managers, this might be a temporary or stopgap solution; it really is. Because ultimately, your program might get so big that your manual operations cannot keep up. At the very least, you should invest in MLM software to act as some sort of digital backup for your manual operations. Given the rising cost of all business processes, it’s probably a good idea to look into automation or outsourcing.



Cost rising due to accounting errors and tracking errors


There’s no such things as a perfect person. By logical extension, there’s no such thing as a perfect human organization. Every establishment, no matter how well run or efficient, is bound to run into a few problems here and there. To err is human after all.


Be that as it may be, accounting errors and tracking errors can be fatal mistakes in certain industries. Now, if you were in insurance, financial services or MLM, such types of errors are complete non-starters. They are completely unacceptable and can completely torpedo whatever you built up in your multi-level marketing business’ brand. Do yourself a big favor and invest in MLM software immediately.



Confusion when supporting participants


When people join your network, chances are a lot of them won’t know what to do the first time they try to refer people to your network or try to sell your product. This goes with the territory. Every new experience requires some sort of learning curve. The problem is when they call, and for some reason or another, you can’t give them the correct info because there is some sort of confusion as to who referred who, and which tier a person is, this can lead to a very unprofessional impression. This can lead to the impression that your organization is unprofessional. You don’t probably need me to remind you why this is a bad thing.



Launching several reward programs


It’s one thing to have a very stripped down and basic multi-level marketing program that involves only three tiers. It’s another to have a multi-tiered program with all sorts of rewards and sub-programs that are in place throughout the year. These are sub-programs launched and closed at different times of the year. Considering the thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, as well as, hundreds of thousands of transactions and payments going through the system in line with all these programs, it’s very easy to get confused. It’s very easy for seemingly small problems to create bottlenecks in the process that will make your multi-level marketing empire look downright unprofessional. Multi-level marketing software can save the day if your operations have evolved to this level.



Heavy risk of loss due to potential lawsuits


There are certain types of MLM that are more prone to lawsuits than others. This is often provoked by bad tracking and accounting. Whatever the specific factual basis may be, most people would agree that a lawsuit is a bad idea. Even if you’re completely in the right, the reputation of your multi-level marketing network may not survive the lawsuit. So do yourself a big favor and invest in multi-level marketing automation software. You have only yourself to blame if your operations get sued due to bad tracking and accounting.


Keep the reasons above in mind when considering MLM software. Generally speaking, automation software is a good idea. However, the reasons above definitely spell out why multi-level marketing automation makes a lot of sense for most MLM organizations.